The Basics of Charleston Rotary

This website section is an effort to provide some introductory information to help anyone interested in learning more about Charleston Rotary– from what happens when we meet, on through how our club is part of Rotary International.  In particular, we hope that the information below helps to answer some questions that member prospects and new members may have.  But along with visiting the links below, please be sure to check out other sections of our website, and especially our regularly posted weekly newsletters.  The newsletters serve as a moving record of an active, dynamic club whose members not only embrace service above self but also have fun while doing so.

Who Are Charleston Rotary Club Members?

Our Club brochure–from the Charleston Rotary Club on through Rotary International

Ways that Charleston Rotary members serve throughout the club year

Some things you might notice at a Charleston Rotary meeting

Our ongoing committees: Different ways to get involved

Charleston Rotary Club’s meetings sequence for the month