New Members: Welcome!

Charleston Rotary members and guests trying out their putting skills at the July 2018 Fifth Tuesday meeting held at the Charleston Country Club. We serve and make a difference–and also have some fun along the way!

We are very happy to have you as a member of our club!!

On this page you will find some introductory information to help you become comfortable and understand your surroundings quickly as a “New Rotarian.”

Share and Care Dollars

When you walk into Rotary each week,  Bill Warmoth will be taking attendance just inside the door. If you are interested in sharing something of interest to club members, you can pay him a dollar and he will put you on the list.  This money goes towards the service projects that we do.

You might want to share on:

  • An event that your organization is holding
  • An important event in your life.
  • A  fellow Rotarian for something she or he has done for you (or has done in our community).
  • An accomplishment (either by you or a member of your family)

Triple Treat

After checking in with Bill, as you make your way to the food, our Rafflemeister will be selling raffle tickets for the triple treat. Tickets are $1 for 1, $2 for 3, or $5 for an arm’s length. One third of the proceeds go to the club (for projects), one third goes to the winner, and one third goes to the pot.  At the end of the meeting, a winner is drawn and they receive their third of the proceeds. They then get a chance at the pot, they try to draw the Ace of Spades from our card deck. If they don’t draw the Ace of Spades, that card is removed from the deck and the pot grows. If they do, they receive the pot. Our pot has been over $500 before!

Fine-Master Rotation

We have established a rotation of members who have stepped forward to serve in the fine-master role for meetings. Fines are designed to be fun and to add to the spirit of club meetings, and they are of a small nature–$1 per fine. For example, a member might be fined for missing the answers on a quiz on song names or Rotary trivia, or perhaps for showing up in an article in the local newspaper or being interviewed on TV. The fine proceeds go to support the service projects of the club.

Where should I sit?

Good question—and the answer is: EVERYWHERE! Try to sit next to someone new each week. You’ll get to know others, and they’ll get to know you, very quickly this way. Don’t be shy! If you take nothing else from this page, take this: sit at a different table every week. It’s the best advice you’ll get!

Can I bring a guest?

Any member can bring a guest. We love to meet community members who are interested in learning about Rotary. Be sure to have your guest sign in will Bill as they enter.

There will be a meal charge of $9.50 for any personal guest. Meal charges for prospective members are waived.


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